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If You’re Making Less Than $2,000 per Month in Network Marketing…

Discover How Joan Turned Her Fears & Doubts Into a Gold Mine of Opportunity and REWIRED Her Mind to Think, Act and Build Like a 7-Figure Network Marketing Leader, After Years of Struggling!

My name is Joan Robison and I am going to show you how to develop the mind of a Fearless Network Marketing Leader in 21 Days or Less, so you can start crushing your goals and get the life you want!

Hey, it's Joan! I’m so glad you are here!

I want to share with you how I went from feeling so afraid of what people were going to think of me…

to feeling confident and empowered with the tools to get out of fear and claim a strengthened mindset…

Back in 2001 when I started my first network marketing business, I was full of fear and doubt… it literally consumed me. In fact, I was paralyzed.

The thought of creating a lead list and reaching out to my friends and family brought out all kinds of insecurities.

I was no stranger to sales, but… this was a whole different deal.

I was used to people coming to me. I can remember the feeling of being sick to my stomach and literally staring at the phone for a better part of two days!

Thankfully, I took the advice of my upline and sucked it up and followed the company’s success plan.

I also knew I had to create at least one win to build my confidence!

So, I called my sister-in-law… I knew she had to say yes to me!

I can tell you if I hadn't been coachable and willing to do EVERYTHING on my company's checklist, I wouldn't be here today… 22 years later!

Even though I had a successful start, I was still plagued with fear and needed to find a way to overcome that fear.

Literally everything out of my comfort zone STOPPED my forward momentum, ever felt that way?

Getting out of fear wasn’t something my company taught.

So, as most leaders do… I began finding simple tools to help myself and my team accelerate by overcoming fear, doubt and limiting beliefs!

In fact, I’ve spent the better part of two decades living it out and teaching it!

And as I began teaching these tools, my team began experiencing their own transformational breakthroughs!

My team was growing leaps and bounds and these foundational principles were pivotal to our success!

Over the years, I’ve trained thousands of people with the exact tools to flip the switch and get out of fear; in fact, I was so passionate about it that I wrote a book on it!

Fast forward to 2020, as the pandemic began taking a toll on people, my coaching clients and team were no exception.

I knew I needed to help in a bigger way…

I knew these foundational principles were part of the missing link for start up network marketers!

That’s why I developed & launched the Fearless Leader Mini Course.

In this course, you’ll learn the three key skills that will transform your business!

You will be empowered with the tools to overcome fear and the limiting beliefs that hold you and your team members hostage and threaten to sabotage your business.

And… these three skills also hold the key to helping you make your first $2,000 per month and beyond!

These tools have transformed my life and allowed me to build 4 multi-million dollar teams, successfully coach clients out of fear, and develop some of the strongest leaders in the industry.

Check out the Fearless Leader Mini Course - a fast track to successfully starting your journey in network marketing!

I know from experience that when you invest in yourself, you will have the confidence to invest and support others!


Mini Course

The Fearless Leader Mini Course is my signature leadership development program based on the principles and philosophies that’s helped me succeed in network marketing and beyond!   

After investing decades building my own multi-million dollar businesses, and empowering others to build six & seven figure businesses, I created this course to provide a blueprint for others to follow.  

Over 4 weeks, this course will help you transform yourself, your business, and the people you lead.

In Sessions One through Four, you’ll work on elevating your personal development by going to work on yourself.

  • This 4-week course helps you lead with greater confidence and intention.  You can overcome your limiting beliefs and the fears that hold you hostage – once and for all!
  • Each session will inspire you to think differently about yourself, your business strategy, and your future success.
  • You will quickly get to the heart of concrete action steps that create success and explore barriers that may keep you from uncovering your true potential.

The wisdom around mindset alone will have you performing at your absolute best to increase your impact on the world. Prepare for Joan's guidance to completely transform your life and business.

Bryan Fryer, Social Media Coach for Network Marketers

It’s for anyone who is daring enough to make the changes necessary to live the life of their dreams!... the Fearless Leadership Course is the perfect guide to show you the path to living your best life!

Kristi Lucariello, Global Sales Training & Enablement

Here’s What You’ll Be Learning During Each Week of the Fearless Leader Course!

Week 1

The Effortless Business Building Mindset

  • Here are 6 simple questions, which will support you to flip the switch from stuck and frustrated, to helping you quickly solve the problems that are keeping you from achieving your goals!
  • Discover the ONE THING all successful network marketers do every day, which allows them to achieve their sales and recruiting goals - month after month - regardless of what is happening in their life.
  • Discover the ONE FATAL mistake unsuccessful network marketers make, when faced with challenges & adversity and the one simple thing anyone can do to get back on track.
  • Learn how to build your confidence and strengthen your skills to have recruiting conversations before you even talk to your first prospect.
  • If you struggle with motivation, here’s the simple “flip the switch” mental exercise guaranteed to keep you inspired and engaged as  you keep moving towards your goals.
  • Finally, learn the ‘perfect day’ practice which will make the process of prospecting, presenting, recruiting and selling easy and enjoyable!

Week 2

REWIRE Your Mind to Think Like

a 7-Figure Networker

  • Learn how to turn negative thoughts, doubts and business challenges into opportunities for growth and progress.
  • If you struggle with fear, doubt & lack the results you want, learn the secret to REWIRING your mind in 21 days, to get into action and achieve results effortlessly!
  • How to design and establish a powerful morning ritual, which will set you up for a happy and productive day, regardless of how busy you are or how crazy your family is! 
  • Get the 5 ‘self coaching’ questions Joan uses to improve any area of her life and empower others like you to build a 7-figure business.
  • Discover the 3 actions which are the key to transforming the results in any area of your business and life.

Week 3

Turn FEAR & Doubt Into Opportunity

  • Learn the 14 most common FEARS all network marketers and entrepreneurs face and how to overcome and turn them into opportunities to improve your business & life!
  • How to use FEAR as a compass and guide on what part of your recruiting or sales process needs to be fixed, so you can 3x your enrollments.
  • When you are afraid of doing or working on something with your business, I’ll show you a way to flip that fear into inspiration and motivation to take action and get results!
  • Discover the 8 ‘self coaching’ questions you can ask yourself to unlock the golden opportunity for growth hidden behind every fear or doubt.

Week 4 + Bonuses

Private Leader Coaching with Joan

  • Be a part of a private leader group coaching with Joan and other industry leaders from around the globe to get exclusive training, get unstuck and your questions answered to move forward into the results zone!
  • Watch as Joan works with others to unlock their breakthroughs and discover insights & lessons for yourself.
  • Have an opportunity to get 1-on-1 HOT Seat coaching with Joan on the work you’ve completed.
  • Access to Morning Motivation – every Monday, Joan is LIVE to help you and your guests ignite your inner light!
  • Access to Private FB Community where you will receive exclusive tips and training, interviews with top industry leaders on Mindset Minutes, free offers, giveaways, and opportunities to learn from global leaders within the community.
  • Flip The Switch Digital Book
  • Joan Robison's  Personalized Members Dashboard

Here's What Leaders Are Saying..

I AM AMAZED at how my business and life has elevated! If you want REAL results learn how to flip the switch through her Fearless
Leader Digital Course! Joan is the best at what she does.

Connie Feikes, Founding Executive Leader

Our team had triple digit increases, grew leaps, and bounds in communication, and we became more efficient with systems! If you want to ignite your business say YES to her digital course, you truly, can’t afford not to!

Kristie De Menna, Sapphire National Executive Director

Kristie De Merina

Joan helped me break through patterns that were holding me back.  If you want to develop your leadership skills and teach these skills to others, do yourself a favor and devour this book and take her Fearless Leader Course!

Dr. Dana McGrady, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Dr. Dana McGrady

If you are ready to take urgent action and get the results you've always wanted, sign up today... Everything I have learned to build a 3 Million dollar sales team is condensed into her Fearless Leader  Digital Course!

Risa Garrett, Senior Executive Director

Risa Garrett

Ready To Get Started?

It’s simple! You want to be seen as a respected and talented leader - but right now your subconscious driving fears are holding you back.

This $97 (limited-time offer) course promises that you’ll no longer be paralyzed in a state of fear.  You will finally overcome the beliefs that have prevented you from being fully present in your own life, and the lives of those you wish to lead.

Finally… let go of fears that limit you, start leading others with clarity, and start living a life of intention and purpose!

Are you READY for a Life-Changing Experience?

Yes, I'm Ready

Joan is an elite leadership coach that has forever changed my life. She is the leader of leaders!

Working with and coaching with Joan has helped me develop into the ultimate leader for my team. She will help you get to the core of any obstacle and be by your side to guide you through it.  She says the “numbers don't lie" and I have developed a multi-million sales team with Joan’s Fearless Leader Systems!

Megan Miles, Senior Executive Director

Megan Miles

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