Hi, I’m Joan Robison! I help network marketers ignite their inner brilliance so they can attract and develop leaders through strategy and duplication.

With over 20 years experience as a top producer in network marketing, I have mastered the skills of pinpointing limiting beliefs that hold people back and creating actionable strategies to accelerate business growth.

I have helped thousands of leaders transform themselves, their business, and the people they lead.

I Wasn't Always Fearless Though...

Twenty-two years ago, I was a struggling single mom who was secretly wishing I could stay-at-home every morning as I watched my son hop on the school bus.

After much consideration and nudges from my inner voice encouraging me to lean into my fear and follow my heart, I said ‘YES’ to network marketing!

With fear and doubt, I took the first steps towards creating a life I love!

Since then, I have built four multi-million-dollar teams and earned multiple 7-figures in my network marketing business.

It wasn’t always easy but, with the right mindset, tools, and coaches by my side, I transformed my life!

Joan Robison

Arizona, USA

"Things aren't happening to me; they are happening for me."

- Esther Hicks

Walking tropical beaches, paddle boarding, hot yoga 🧘

Into The Magic Shop - Dr. James Doty

...and Flip The Switch 😜

I shot (harvested) the 4th largest billygoat in North America! ...I have a picture to prove it!

Flipping the switch…

In 2020, I felt called to help more people get out of fear and start living a life of passion and purpose. I wanted to teach these skills in the simplest of ways so everyone could benefit.

In my best-selling book, Flip The Switch, I share simple strategies to get unstuck and claim an empowering mindset so you can create a life you love!
As a companion to Flip The Switch, I created the Fearless Leader Course.

Designed to help start-up network marketers shift their mindset and step into leadership, this 4-week mini course takes a deeper dive into the first chapters of the book AND will empower you to take action towards igniting your transformation!

What I’m up to now…

flip the switch by joan robison

Today, I am passionate about helping network marketing leaders achieve the results they want in their business and life by teaching the tools they need to overcome limiting beliefs and fears. Through my signature leadership development courses, group coaching, and my executive 1:1 coaching program, I am able to help business builders of all levels - beginners to advanced - lead with greater confidence and intention.

When I’m not working, you can find me climbing mountains in Arizona, on a meditation walk in nature, or spending time with my family.



Philosophy, Book, Course & Movement

flip the switch by joan robison

Back in 2020, our world changed drastically. The majority of people worldwide were in a state of fear, actually terrified. Joan was inspired to write her first book Flip The Switch

The catchy title encourages the reader to close the gap on fear, limiting beliefs and the problems that are outside of their control, and flip the switch by walking through the fear, into the light where you can see more clearly and focus on solutions.

We all have daily opportunities to flip the switch in our personal lives and business. Joan believes with greater awareness that anyone empowered with the tools from her book can experience transformational change to live a life they love.

Flip The Switch is more than a book, it is full of tools, stories and self coaching questions that  causes the reader to take a deeper dive into their own personal growth. It's a leader's guide to working on themselves so that they can work effectively with others.

flip the switch by joan robison

"A must read for anyone in direct sales that wants to grow their business to the next level of success!"

Jessica Higdon
President of Higdon Group