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Mastering the skill of RECRUITING is key to building a successful network marketing business. My goal is to help you achieve the recruiting RESULTS you want in your business, which is why I’ve put together ‘The Ultimate Recruiting Conversation.’ This is the exact blueprint that I use, teach my team, coaching clients and companies to recruit thousands!

Here’s what’s in it for YOU:

  • 4-Step Recruiting Conversation Guide designed to help you convert prospects into team members, you’ll do this by following my 4-step strategy throughout the recruiting conversation.
  • A Step-by-Step Training Video breaking down each step for success. Discover WHY each step is crucial to the ‘recruiting conversation’ and HOW to transition through each step in a 20 minute conversation.
  • PLUS… THERE’S MORE … GET MY FREE BONUS! 35 Powerful Questions To Ignite Action And Crush Goals! Use these questions to gain more clarity from team members and be empowered to get them into action & results!

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My team recruited 19 out of 25 prospects on 3-way calls using Joan’s ‘Ultimate Recruiting Conversation’ in less than 30 days. It’s the best tool to increase confidence and get results! If you want your team to grow and increase your paycheck, grab this NOW!

Megan Miles, Top Industry Leader & Multiple ‘6’ Figure Earner

Megan Miles

We hired Joan to train our team using the 4-STEP Ultimate Recruiting Conversation and confidence is elevated team wide, my team's closing rate has increased, and we have established a recruiting culture of service! This week we recruited 5 new team members using Joan’s Ultimate Recruiting Conversation! 

Sanna Laamenen, Top Industry Leader & ‘6’ Figure Earner

Sanna Laamenen

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